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Introduction to CH-NMR-NP system

The 13C/1H-NMR database for natural products [CH-NMR-NP] is mainly composed of natural products that were published in major journals in the years between 2000 and the spring of 2014. For a natural product to be included in the database, complete 13C-NMR data was a strict precondition. No such precondition was set for 1H and as a result some compounds show incomplete 1H-NMR data. As it concerns a database, CH-NMR-NP lacks completeness.
The number of the compounds in natural products compiled from the published papers is about 29,500. Additionally, about 6,000 organic compounds with 1H/13C spectral patterns were compiled from SDBS-NMR, and the total number of the compounds is approximately 35,500.
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